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Tips for a Safe New Year Party

28 December, 2020

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This week, we finally roll over into the New Year – 2021. Almost everyone across the world is happy to see 2020 go and is looking forward with hope. Although the pandemic is still going strong across many countries, the numbers seem to be steadily coming down in India. Also, with a couple of months of ‘unlock’ for most activities, many people have resumed an almost fully normal life. There are, of course, restrictions on certain activities, and safety protocols are being followed. But, people have started moving around, and many have also started taking vacations.

However, the vaccine is, hopefully, just a few months away. So, this is when most of us should stay alert, avoid unnecessary travel, follow all protocols and not let go of the precautions. With Christmas done, and New Year approaching, it looks a bit tough to maintain social distancing. Here are a few tips to have a safe New Year.

Outdoor party

If you have decided to stay home for the New Year party and celebrate it with only your immediate family, it’s well and good. You could have an indoor party and stay safe, without much hassle if you have decided to step out for a New Year party. It would be best if you made sure of a few things. 

1. Avoid large crowds and only attend small gatherings of known people.

2. Avoid indoor parties as the chances of a virus spread is lesser outdoors than in a confined space crammed with people.

3. Ensure that you do not remove your mask, except when eating and drinking. 

4. Sanitize your hands constantly, and try to maintain social distancing as best as possible.

5. If the party is a public place, please check the COVID-19 precautions taken beforehand.

6. Avoid crackers and the smoke from crackers, especially if you have respiratory issues.

Indoor party

If you are hosting a party at home, please make sure that you follow all the protocols. Host the party in an open environment like a terrace or a garden/lawn, if possible.  If you are lucky to have an outdoor pool, you could set it up around the pool. However, since the winter has set in fully, please make sure there is enough warmth by setting up a bonfire and properly covering yourself. Ensure that the guests keep sanitising their hands and are wearing masks. Home-cooked food is best; you could make a potluck dinner and request your guests to bring in one or two dishes. 

Please use environment-friendly disposable plates and cups. Also, please ensure that the bathrooms are sanitised properly before and after the party.  If held fully indoors, you may want to look at using an air-purifier to ensure that the air is purified to a great extent possible. It is best to have some proper ventilation to ensure maximum safety. Please check the COVID-19 protocols of your city and ensure that you comply with all guidelines, including the guests' number. 

Virtual party

The other option is to have a virtual party by setting up a pre-planned time along with your family and friends. You could cook some sumptuous food and display it and ask all participants to do the same. You could chit-chat, have fun and games, performances, and have food in the virtual company. You can always decorate the house, and dress up appropriately to being in the party feel. This is the safest way to enjoy your New Year. You could then wind up by watching a nice movie or web series, till midnight. 

General Tips

Whichever mode you choose to party, please ensure that you follow your medicine schedule, and take them on time. Set reminders on the phone, if required, to ensure that this is not missed. Also, for most of these medicines, it is important to eat your food on time. Despite temptations, it may be best to follow your diet schedule and not indulge too much in junk foods and sweets. 

If alcohol doesn’t suit you, please refrain and not get carried away for having ‘just one drink’.  At best, you may want to take a glass of wine for a New Year toast. It is important to celebrate this New Year; it is even more important that you live happy and healthy throughout the New Year and have a safe New Year party. 

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