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The Unmukt Festival

28 December, 2018

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It is a festival, but none of us seem to have heard about it; so what is this festival about? This is nothing but an event, that happened in Hyderabad on the 15th and 16th of this month, and was a launch event, with many more of its kind expected to happen across the country. So, why should this event be of interest to us?

This happens to be an exclusive lifestyle event which showcased many products and services, specially designed for seniors and their caregivers. These products and services spanned across a range of topics, that are of prime importance to seniors. Being a unique event of this kind, it also received a note of encouragement from the Secretary, Govt. of India, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, wishing it all the very best and is very much displayed in the messages section on their website.

The bouquet on the platter

The products and services showcased here belonged to the various categories like:

  • Technology
  • Travel and leisure
  • Health and wellness
  • Home-based care
  • Assisted and independent living
  • Financial Planning

If you look at the topics, you will realize these are the most current and relevant topics for the people who are already retired or planning to retire. The idea of bringing it all together in one place is that there had to be one common place where seniors could get access to such stuff. As such, all of us are aware that there are many products and services but is usually not aware of these. Also, we end up searching for something when we have a specific need — this event kind of bridged that gap, by bringing the providers and the consumers under one roof. And what is more, there were also many sessions of interest held across the two days of the event.

The attractions

As mentioned, apart from the fact that visitors could browse through the many products and services and there were also many sessions happening on both the days. The sessions covered talks on topics such as Health and Wellness, Finance and Legal, Senior Living, Lifestyle, Technology and a few other topics of interest. The speakers were eminent people from across the society, many of whom are actively involved in actually involved in the delivery of the services to seniors. Many experts from a variety of life areas like doctors, life coaches, nutritionists, community innovators, senior community founders, etc., spoke about topics such as home care, dementia, fitness, the role of caregivers, pension, elder abuse, financial planning, wills, aging, companionship, and so on.

Apart from the stalls and the workshops, there were also some fun and games activities arranged, so that the senior citizens walking in with families can also engage in some fun. This also meant that their families and caregivers too had something of interest, especially the kids. The caregivers, of course, would have benefited a lot from the exhibits, as well as the sessions. It is always helpful to hear people talk about challenging situations that are faced in real life. It helps to analyze, correlate and discuss and find solutions and avenues to handle things in the future better.

Overall, this looks like a good initiative that has been kicked off, which the seniors can utilize to gain information and purchase relevant products and services, all in one place. We surely haven’t about many such events, and it is a welcome move in the right direction. They have plans to have events in a few other cities as well, and you can check out the details here.

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