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Valentine’s Day As Seniors

11 February, 2018

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In India, we do not, as such have a culture of celebrating Valentine’s Day, and especially you do not see seniors celebrating. Times have slowly changed and when you think about seniors and Valentine’s, what comes to mind is the song from the movie ‘Baghban’. Baghban is a beautiful movie that showed the challenges that retired people face and how even in that age, a couple kept their love alive despite all the odds. The protagonist, Amitabh Bachchan sees people putting up decorations at a Cafe that he frequents. When he asks what it is all about, the young crowd tells him about Valentine’s Day. They urge him to call his wife who is away with her son and he calls to wish her. He later also joins the young crowd to sing and dance. This scene kind of disproved many myths about Valentine’s Day.

What is Valentine’s day about

Unlike what many people believe, Valentine’s Day is not just meant for the young, or for a couple. It is a day when anyone can express and celebrate their love. So, you can choose to celebrate it as a couple, if you wish to. Or you could choose to celebrate the day with your family, kids, grandkids or any other person(s) that you like. All it means is that you need to have some good times with those who matter to you. Basically, love prevails on this day, in many forms and that is what the day stands for. The day itself is celebrated on 14th February every year, in remembrance of St. Valentine, a 3rd-century Roman priest. He is said to have secretly gotten soldiers married at a time when they were prohibited to do so. It was more an upholding of the Christian faith that believed in the institution of marriage than anything to do with love, at that time.

How to celebrate?

Different people celebrate it in different ways. Few express their love through greeting cards, giving gifts, going out on dates and even attending church services. So, even if you are single, you could celebrate the day as you seem fit. In fact, you could use the excuse to go out and spend some time with each other, if you are a couple. Perhaps, a leisurely lunch or even a candlelight dinner, if you feel more romantic should do the trick. In fact, you could even take this opportunity to watch a movie.

You could tie up with your kids or grandkids, friends or well-wishers and have an outing. You may also choose to have a party at home, with your loved ones.  Just for fun, you may even decorate the house to get a festive atmosphere to lift your spirits. You could choose to have a potluck lunch or dinner and invite people over. Few simple games can be organized to keep everyone engaged.

If not, you could take a cue from Amitabh of ‘Baghban’ and visit any nearby Cafe or club that is celebrating and join the crowd. You could use the opportunity to gift your loved ones, whether your spouse or kids or grandkids.  You may find some amazing deals on online shopping portals like Amazon and Flipkart and even our own Samarth Shop. If you are not comfortable shopping online, you could do it offline as well. The smile, and the surprise on the face of the people when you gift them should surely make your day. In fact, the younger generation can also choose to show their love towards the elders by gifting them something nice or just spending the day with them.

Make your plans

There is still time to go for 14th February and so it is not too late to start your plans, even now. Think what works best for you and discuss with the people concerned. Do your shopping and put it all together. As you plan and do your shopping, you will soon find that the excitement is building up. So, this Valentine’s day, do something different and surprise yourself and everyone around. There is no reason not to celebrate a Valentine’s Day and make the best use of an opportunity. Make the day count and create some awesome memories.


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