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What Do You Have in Your Reading List?

24 May, 2021


Almost all of us seem to have this terrible urge to want to escape to another world for a while. And the best way to make it possible only by picking up a book of your choice. Reading books can easily take you to the yonder worlds of the wonderful and intriguing characters that are part of it. It gives out imagination a free reign like no other, and we see the characters and their worlds in our mind's eye. 

We revel in the plots, we live through their trials and tribulations of these characters, and we laugh and cry with them. In short, when we read the book, we are transported to a different world weaved by the authors and find an escape from all that is happening around us. Perhaps, in today’s times, it is as well to manage to do this once in a while. When people get fed up with screen time, or even otherwise, there is nothing better than to pick up a book and curl up in your favourite corner. Here’s what you can explore across the next month or two.

Ivy Malone Mysteries

All mysteries make for a great read, and many of us are great fans of Agatha Christie. Here is another series of books that can keep you occupied – the Ivy Malone series by Lorena McCourtney. The series is based on the main character, the feisty Ivy Malone, a widowed old lady whose curiosity seems to get the better of her!

She stops at nothing, including death threats, and starts investigating some incidents in her neighbourhood. A five-part series – Invisible, In Plain Sight, On The Run, Stranded, Go, Ivy, Go are the books in that order. These are available as paperbacks or even in the Kindle version. The series presents her as a sleuth with a charm, a sense of humour and a determination to get to the bottom of things. She believes in bringing crooks to justice and manages to do so, at times, escaping just by the skin of her teeth. Ivy manages to become the favourite of everyone who reads through her sleuthing ways, and you should find it easy to relate to this lovable character and her gritty nature.

League of Pensioners

Well, pensioners are supposed to relax, take it easy, spend time with family and generally do the expected things, right? But here is a set of pensioners who think exactly the opposite! This is another series of books wherein a set of pensioners living in a retirement home set about doing rather unexpected things. In an attempt to regain their life trying to oppose the stringent curfew placed by the new management of the retirement home, they end up having some escapades. The escapades, though, turn out to be quite quirky white-collar crimes like robbery in a luxury hotel or outwitting a casino and cheating billionaires out of their yachts!

Penned by Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg, this three-part series tells a hilarious tale of a set of five seniors; they are rebels who take on the unreasonable expectations of the retirement home they are in and find life and excitement out of it. Martha Andersson, who is 79 years old, is the protagonist, who, along with her League of Pensioners, tries to outwit the people around. How successful will they be? You may want to read and figure it out for yourself.

The Aryavarta Chronicles

Here is another series, one that is closer home and bringing in a different perceptive to the well known Indian epic of Mahabharata. Expertly weaved by Krishna Udayasankar, who brings in a set of characters, some known, some unknown, this one keeps you glued. The great battle of Aryavarta seems poised for a future in the hands of Govinda Shauri; the cowherd turned Commander of the armies of Dwaraka. This series makes for a good read for those who like Indian historical fiction like that of Amish Tripathi, Ashwin Sanghi, etc.

The story is related through three books, Govinda, Kaurava and Kurukshetra and the story of Kauravas and Pandavas is recreated with an intriguing essence. Powerful storytelling with some strong characters makes for some stunning images as we read through the familiar story, and yet it’s compelling to keep us going.

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