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Writing As A Therapy

9 January, 2019

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We have heard of a variety of unique therapies like music therapy, dance therapy, flower therapy, pet therapy, painting therapy, art therapy and so on. However, you may be surprised to know even writing is a proven beneficial therapy, especially for seniors. One may believe that writing is not for everyone and that you need to have specific skills for the same. While that may be true to a certain extent, unless one gives it a go, we never would know. And also the purpose of the writing therapy is more for healing and self-discovery and satisfaction, rather than for satisfying others; so it does not matter if you are good at it or not.

All you are doing is just writing and putting your thoughts out there on paper, not necessarily for public view, but more for your healing. It is like getting certain things out of your system, and it becomes your therapy. In fact, with the technological advances, you may not even need a paper and a pen, if you feel the urge to put things down. You could easily start a blog, a website, or a Facebook page and start putting down your thoughts if you feel comfortable sharing it with the world.

Why write?

Perhaps, the senior citizens are the ones who have the maximum amount of life experiences, whether good or bad. It may be a good idea to just note down the same, to keep yourself engaged, and more importantly, so that the people around can benefit from your experiences. Memoirs are also a great way of sharing your life stories with others. You never know, what you thought immaterial, may well turn out to be a script for a show or a movie or a book, indeed!

Studies conducted in this area have proven that seniors who journal or write their memoirs, find it quite enjoyable and remain hale and hearty. It boosts their well being in many ways. One, it keeps prodding their neurons by making them remember things and incidents. Also, by putting down life instances and anecdotes, they can see these in a different perspective altogether, from the time they happened. There may be emotions attached to these events, and it helps them to get these out and deal with the feelings better. Writing has thus been proven to actually relieve stress in seniors and also help them to heal faster not just mentally, but even physically.

What kind of writing?

It is suggested that people write expressively by letting go of themselves and their emotions entirely. This kind of expressive writing, rather than just a mundane jotting down of things, really helps the seniors. It has been observed that people who write this, actually sleep better. Sleeping well reduces the risks of many diseases as well and thus, in turn, helps people to remain healthier, mentally and physically.

How to write?

To start simply, all you need to do is get hold of a diary and pen and start writing. If you are comfortable with technology, you could easily do the same using some tools like Office or Wordpad, etc. The key is to start writing, without any inhibitions and just let go of your emotions. Write about your life as you remember, and bring out the feelings associated with the events as well. There are a few good books that you can refer to write if you need, or even a few online courses as well. But, all these can come later as well; to begin with, it is always better to take it as it happens, naturally, with a paper and pen. If you like to, share it with your near and dear ones and see what feedback you get. However, do not get discouraged at all, even if you get any negative feedback. The key is to keep going if you feel better about it.

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