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medication, Old Age

Common Medication Problems in Aging

14 February, 2019

Here are some common medication problems that arise as you age. View Article

winter, Benefits of water

Staying Hydrated in Winter

18 January, 2019

Tips and advice on how to avoid dehydration during the winter. View Article

Neem, Herb

Neem – The Amazing Herb

14 January, 2019

Here are some incredible health benefits of having the wonder herb Neem. View Article

writing, therapy

Writing As A Therapy

9 January, 2019

Writing can be beneficial for all of us because it can be therapeutic. View Article

Alzheimer, meditation

Can Meditation Help with Alzheimer’s?

26 November, 2018

A new study suggests that meditation can slow Alzheimer's disease. View Article

Water Therapy, Dehydration

Water Therapy to Keep Dehydration at Bay

5 November, 2018

Here are some tips on preventing or treating dehydration View Article

Skin Care, weather

Skin Care in Different Weather Conditions

29 August, 2018

Some tips to take care of skin in different weather conditions. View Article

Migraines, headaches

Managing Migraines as Seniors

13 August, 2018

Here are some tips for seniors for managing migraines! View Article

medicines, prescription

Why Self-Medication Can Be Harmful

11 April, 2018

Self-medication can be dangerous. Get help from Samarth to stick to your prescriptions. View Article

Home Remedies, medication

Home Remedies For Common Ailments

29 January, 2018

Most other everyday niggles, pains, cough, stomach ailments and the likes can be easily treated at home. View Article

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