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Government Policies That Can Be Accessed Online

27 February, 2017

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The Better India is a news platform that aims to tell the story of what the Government and its people are actually doing. We have enough and more media outlets to tell us about what isn’t happening, and in this din, news of policies, schemes, and programs that can actually benefit is being lost. One such article from the outlet we found particularly useful is the one about Online Initiatives from the GOI. We have picked out a selection of services that you, the senior reader may find useful.


  1. Land Records Portal: In an ambitious endeavour to make land records digital and available anytime, anywhere, the GOI has launched this service. The link can be found here. While this is primarily meant to benefit farmers, those looking to access records of their land and relevant information digitally can use this portal.
  2. Aadhar and DBT. With frequent Aadhar camps across the country, most of us now have this ID with us. We can now link it to our bank accounts and gain benefits offered by the Government.
  3. MCA 21: The Ministry Of Corporate Affairs is the go-to body for all information related to establishing and running a legal business. Through their portal, you can now register online, apply for a name change of your company, view documents and file other change requests.
  4. Passport Seva: Perhaps one service that has been visibly reorganized is the passport seva service. With the option of filing applications online and submitting copies of documents on the portal, passport appointments are now completed in a matter of a few hours.
  5. E-courts: E-courts allow for filing cases, reviewing progress and keeping track of summons all through a digital portal.
  6. E-hospital: So far, only about forty hospitals fall under this service, but it is a start. Enrolled hospitals can provide patient info, accept payments and schedule appointments all through a secure account.
  7. Jeevan Pramaan: With this service, the Government hopes to put an end to pensioners having to visit offices frequently, thus saving them a lot of time and energy. It offers a digital, biometric-enabled Life Certificate that would be sufficient to avail pension.

We have a lot of mistrust with the Government as an inefficient system, but by digitizing the system and evaluating scope for red tape, we may just be ushering in a new era. 

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