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What happens after you’ve donated?

Once the Organ has been retrieved, the hospital prepares for a transplant as soon as possible. A recipient is chosen as per the waiting list and blood group. Each state has its own waiting list which is run and maintained by the respective Governments Zonal Committee. The waiting list is dynamic as each patient is evaluated on a point based system. In the event the State doesn’t have a recipient for an organ of a certain blood group, other State waiting lists are consulted.

Before any transplant takes place, it must be approved by this Committee. It comprises of several members appointed by the government for scrutinizing all the donors and recipients to give the approval for surgery. The objective of the committee is to ensure that donor transplants are performed as per the Transplantation of Human Organs Act and Rules 1994 and subsequent amendments made there under.

Some of the Government Zonal Transplantation Committes are: Karnataka’s Zonal Commission - ZCCK, Maharashtra - ZCCT, Tamil Nadu - Mohan Foundation and Delhi - ORBO.

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