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The Samarth Care program brings trusted, ‘family-quality care’ to the senior citizens and elderly right where they live, through our own care-managers and curated service-partners. The program helps children living away from their parents and elders extend reliable and always-on support  with the assurance of quality and transparency of delivery.

We developed Samarth Care keeping in mind our own parents who have chosen to live independently in a different city. The plans cover both physical and emotional needs of seniors and include 24-hour emergency response, healthcare support, medicine-management, home services, security and safety setup, companionship, social engagement, buying assistance, accompanied travel within or outside town etc. The Samarth Care plans are very affordable and can also be customized based on specific needs. Every member and their family can access the Care services through a dedicated Care manager, our call-center and our mobile app. Samarth Care is available currently in all parts of Delhi NCR and we are expanding, carefully and selectively.


If you need our care support in a location in India other than Delhi NCR, mail us at

All Samarth Care members automatically become members of the Samarth Community which includes thousands of educated senior citizens across more than fifty cities of India.

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