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We are passionate about our mission of making life easier and more fun for the community of senior citizens and their care-givers. If you share our passion to serve this community or offer products and services that will benefit them, do talk to us. We will love to discuss how we can work together.



If you have time and energy to contribute, we have interesting full/part-time options for you. You could, for example, help senior citizens in areas that interest you or where you have special skills. You could also manage some of our work and initiatives and become a Samarth Ambassador and connect the local people with resources of Samarth Community. You can also work as a Care Counseller and visit and support care members in your city. You could also write for us on topics of interest to our community from the comfort of your home. All these options allow adequate flexibility, which we know many of you cherish. We would especially like to hear from active seniors and home-makers.

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Organizations working with the elderly

If you are an organization involved with senior citizens or even a group of seniors, we would be delighted to connect with you and see how we can help. We have several programs and voluntary initiatives which might be interesting for you. 

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We are actively looking for quality product or services that will be of value to our community of senior citizens. It is not necessary that your business serve senior citizens only, but if you have something useful for them we can collaborate to tailor it and/or take it to the members. 


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