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smartphone, safety

Ever Lost The Phone – Here Are a Few Smart Tips

10 June, 2019

Here are a few smart tips in case you ever lose your phone. View Article

safety, Self Defence

Safety Measures and Self-Defence

14 February, 2019

Knowing self-defence techniques will help you get out of dangerous situations. View Article

senior citizens, safety

Police Initiatives for Senior Citizens

25 October, 2018

Police initiatives for senior citizens across cities are aimed at keeping them safe and secure. View Article

online, legacy

Handling The Digital Legacy

30 June, 2018

We all know we need a will but do we cover our digital assets? View Article

safety, helpers

Keeping Safe with Your Hired Help

30 June, 2018

Taking care when you hire help. View Article

Social Media, whatsapp

Using Social Media Responsibly

27 May, 2018

Think before you share or forward posts without checking accuracy. View Article

Neighbours, safety

Staying alone? Know thy neighbour- they are family too!

11 August, 2017

Neighbours can be our immediate support, ready to pay your bill, take you to your doctor or drop you at your hospital. View Article

cyber crime, scam

Click Safe! Cyber Crimes are on the Rise!

26 July, 2017

One cyber crime every 10 minutes has been reported in India in the past six months. 20 percent of the victims of cyber crime is the elderly. View Article

fraud, spam

Don't Get Scammed in 2017!

13 January, 2017

Stay safe and stay alert this year. No one wins lotteries and comes into big money over flimsy emails and sms spam. View Article

Hazards of free WiFi, safety

Is free Public WiFi safe enough?

27 October, 2016

Think twice before logging in to free WiFi at airport, hotel lobbies, coffee shops etc as it may actually cost you heavily. Read on to know more. View Article

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