Samarth Community

Balaji Health Care Center

Address : Plot No-18/19/20, Vrindavan Colony
Location (City) : Mumbai
Built Area(sq ft) : 7500 sq. ft.
Type of Accomodation : double bedded,3-4 seaters and dormitory
Type of Service : Free Services
Total Capacity : 45
Food : Vegetarian
Social Recreation : tv, satsang, bhajan-kirtan, indoor games
Medical Facility : doctor available all th etime and emergency icu/ot facility
Care Giver Facility : 39 caregivers including 3 sisters
Source of Drinking Water : aquaguard facility and corporation water supply
Wheel Chair : NA
Laundry : Available
Toilet : Western & Indian
Year of launch : 2011
Type of Management : Private
Criteria for admission : minimum age 55 years and above. mobile as well as immobile elderly will be taken care of. Dementia patient would be taken care of.