Happy Old Age Home

  • Address
    :D.No.46-740, Near Montessori High School, Budhawarapeta
  • Location (City)
  • Built area (sq ft)
  • Fee Structure
  • Type of Accomodation
  • Type of Service
    :Free Services
  • Total Capacity
  • Food
  • Social Recreation Activity
    :TV, Bhajan, Yoga, Newspaper, Events
  • Medical Facility
    :24 Hrs Medical Facilities
  • Care Giver Facility
  • Source of Drinking Water
    :Corporation water supply
  • Wheel Chair
  • Laundry
  • Toilet
  • Other Details
    :Only for female
  • Year of launch
  • Type of Management
    :Registered Society
  • Criteria for admission
    :Minimum age is 55

Samarth research team is constantly updating and adding new information on old age homes and senior housing projects. If you have authentic information or feedback about any of these or new and upcoming projects, please share with us at research@samarth.community. We really value your contribution in making this a powerful resource for use of the elderly community.


The information and data about homes and projects listed here has been collected from secondary sources and we are especially grateful to Helpage India for sharing information about old age homes in many cities. While we have made efforts to verify facts as much as possible, some owners have not responded to our requests. Users are advised to make their own enquiries before acting on this information.

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