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  • University Hostel Warden
  • Company: Anant National University
  • Salary: Monthly salary between INR 25,000 - INR 30,000
  • Location: Ahmedabad
  • Industry: Admin/Facilities Mgmt
  • Job Type: Full time
  • Job Reference Id: SJ00010004

Job Details:

Anant Fellowship is looking for a male warden for it's off-campus co-ed hostel. The hostel will accommodate 45 post-graduate fellows between the ages of 21 - 30 primarily. The warden should be mature and have past experience in management/housekeeping/administrative work. Responsible for all aspects of managing hostel and students. These include, but are not limited to - 

  • Supervising the various vendors and staff members at the hostel. This would include caterers, security guards, housekeeping staff. 
  • Overseeing maintenance and upkeep of all facilities in hostel including electronic goods, white goods, furniture, water coolers etc. 
  • Coordinating with transporter, electrician, plumber, laundry personnel as and when required 
  • Ensuring student safety at all times. 
  • Arranging for doctor on call or other emergency services as required. 
  • Co-ordinating arrangements for student recreational activities in hostel as required. Other logistical requirements as may be necessary. 
  • Addressing student concerns as and when they arise. 

What's on offer: 

  1. Monthly salary between INR 25,000 - INR 30,000.
  2. The warden will be provided accommodation within the hostel.
  3. All meals and day-to-day living needs will be provided. 

Start Date: Preferably to join on or before 6th September. 

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