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Social Media, senior citizens

Is Social Media for Seniors or Not?

27 September, 2018

Is there an age limit for social media? View Article

technology, support

How A Senior Can Use Siri and Google Assistant

7 March, 2018

These personal digital assistants are just like a virtual assistant that can help you get things done, with voice-activated commands. View Article

whatsapp, technology

Get More Out Of Whatsapp With These Easy Hacks

12 November, 2017

Whatsapp is a great tool for the Elderly in India. It helps in Elderly Care greatly, keeping families and caregivers in touch easily.   View Article

virus, alert

All You Need To Know About The WannaCry Malware Attack

16 May, 2017

WannaCry virus and it's impact on your computer and ATMs. View Article

smartphone, technology

How To Become A Tech-Savvy Senior

6 October, 2016

Learn a thing or two about tech to help you be more connected and digitally wise! View Article

technology, photos

Learn How To Easily Send A Photo Via Email

3 October, 2016

Next time you want to share your grandchild's adorable photo, do it yourself! View Article

Apps, Social Media

5 Easy To Use Apps To Learn In A Jiffy

11 August, 2016

Virtual apps are the best way to connect with anyone these days- here's a handy guide. View Article

kindle, books

Bookworms Now Have A New Way To Read

10 August, 2016

Amazon is a haven for shoppers and much loved by bookworms. You can use Amazon's Kindle app to download, read and carry as many books as you... View Article

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