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Grandma, Chandigarh

Chandigarh Ki Barfi Grandma

27 January, 2020

Know about the grandma from Chandigarh who launched her new own brand – 'Harbhajan's' and sells delicious home-made 'besan ki... View Article

entrepreneurs, senior jobs

Is Senior Entrepreneurship In Your Plan?

27 May, 2018

To be an entrepreneur does not necessarily mean that you have to invest a lot yourself, or find investors, or take a loan View Article

jobs, resume

How To Build A Silver Profile That Stands Out

21 January, 2018

Many retired people take up second careers in order to keep themselves busy, be independent as well as for satisfaction. View Article

senior jobs, senior career

Second Innings- Senior Career Options Worth Exploring

27 December, 2017

Begin working again, on your own terms View Article

resume, Job

Just Like Jobs, Resumes Have Changed Too!

6 March, 2017

Looking to get back to work? See if you know all the tips and tricks in the resume space. View Article

retirement age, Employment

The Rise Of The Senior Tide

4 February, 2017

Is it time to relook at the retirement age and let in the tide of skilled seniors? View Article

skill, seniorcare

India’s Rising Senior Power

23 November, 2016

Senior power is a force to reckon with. How are you engaging with them? View Article

careers, engagement

Caveo - Making Second Innings Fun!

8 September, 2016

Caveo focuses on engaging senior citizens in activities, senior internships, workshops etc. to keep life exciting and fun. View Article

modi, hardwork

Senior Politicians and Gruelling Schedules

10 August, 2016

Many politicians are well over 50. Our PM runs 18 hour days at age 66. Find out what keeps these people going and build it into your own schedule. View Article

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